Marina Petrik
(Bileć, 1981)

Marina Petrik was born on December 4, 1981, in Bileća (Bosnia and Herzegovina). She completed her primary education in Kovačica and Belgrade and graduated from high school in Pančevo.

Marina has been fascinated with art since she was a child, so at first she produced drawings, and then she started oil painting. Her primary motif is the life of a simple man, a farmer performing everyday activities in the fields, in the backyard, having a rest, etc. She also often paints children and the religious customs of Slovaks.

Marina became a member of the Gallery in 2013.

Marina Petrik's artworks in the fund of Gallery of naive art:

  1. Gallery of naive art, 100×84, 2014, 639
  2. Loading corn, 50×30, 2015, 640
  3. My dear Kovačica, 30×40, 2017, 659
  4. Grandmother near furnace, 50×40, 2019