Drago Terzić
(Pljevlje, 1956)

Drago Terzić was born on June 30, 1956, in Pljevlja, Montenegro. He graduated in economy but he has always felt close to art – when he was little, he thought he would be a poet when he grew up. It was in Opovo where he became familiar with naïve art that captured him and from poetry he went to painting. Jan Bacur, a famous naïve painter, introduced him to the world of art and gave him his first brushes, colors and canvas. When he was in his thirties, he produced his first painting – an old man with a pipe, and from then on, he has not let the brush off his hands.

Drago’s work is unique because he uses the oil on glass, which is not the characteristic of other members of the Gallery to such an extent. He paints sources of life which have lost their purpose – wells, windmills, well poles, watermills, etc. and among the peaceful images of Banat he sometimes  includes the images of his home country – Montenegro.

He has had numerous collective and individual exhibitions in Serbia and abroad. He has received many awards for his artwork: 40th Premio Internazionale Giannino Grosi Varena, Italy 2010; 18th and 19th  Festival of naïve art Madria di Chivasso Lorenzo Prato, Torino, Italy 2010 and 2011; 41st Premio internazionale Giannino Grosi Varena, Italy…

Drago Terzić's artworks in the fund of Gallery of naive art:

  1. Farm, 50×60, 2001, 460
  2. Ikebana in nature, 25×25, 2003, 494
  3. A well without water, 27×23, 2004, 510
  4. The fruits of the plain, 50×70, 2005, 526
  5. Celestial sunflower, 2007, 573
  6. Scarecrow, 2008, 574
  7. Ikebana in nature, 27×23, 2010, 578
  8. Flowers, 30×30, 2013, 635